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The first Horton Stack Door was built in 1955. After searching the market for a hangar door to fit all his needs, Frank Horton sat down with his brother and they designed what has became to be known as the Horton Stack Door. 

The door received a lot of attention from fellow pilots with the ease of operation and trouble free working mechanism. In 1967 contracting with a local manufacturer the Stack Door went into production. By 1976 customer acceptance and demand for the Stack Door had sky rocketed. At this time Stack Door and STOL-Craft merged to provide additional production facilities. Complementing and expanding Horton's product line the addition of the famous Charlie Seibel's Flight Bonus Modifications in 1987.

Horton, Inc. is the manufacturer of the Horton Stack Door, Horton Stol-craft, and Horton Flight Bonus.

Horton STACK DOOR - The most versatile, unique and economical wide-area door on the market today. Horton STOL-Craft Kit - STC'd and PMA approved modifications. Safer Take-Off & Landing for your single engine Cessna & Piper. Horton FLIGHT BONUS Kits - STC'd and PMA approved modifications. Move your Cessna Skylane into the FAST LANE.

Horton employees take great pride in their work. With over 130 years of experience working for you. Putting quality over quantity making our employees the most valued ASSET! Giving you the best product on the market.

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