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Stack Doors are available up to 20' in height. All the weight of a Stack Door rests on the bottom track. This eliminates the extensive end wall loading that is required with most vertical lift or conventional sliding doors. Up to 45 PSF available, depending on size of door.

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Door Drawing

Header Requirements (Header size is determined by size and Wind Load of Door)

     3" Track with a 10" Header

     4" Track with a 10" Header

     4" Track with a 12" Header

Drip Cap Flashing Detail

      Drip Cap for 2 7/8" Track

     Drip Cap for 3" Track

     Drip Cap for 4" Track

Hinge Detail

Recess Track Detail 
 (recessed track provided by others)

Recess Track with Truck Assembly

Surface Mount Track (provided by Stack Door)
Surface Mount Track with Truck Assembly


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