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All the weight of the Stack Door is on the bottom track, unlike the bi-fold door, which carries the weight of their door overhead. That means a savings to you because of the extra expense required for the building manufacture for the end wall loading needed to accept the weight of the bi-fold door.

Stack Door is manually operated door system, that glides on patented truck assemblies located on every other panel. Each truck assembly has 6 heavy duty sealed bearing, two riding on the top of the track and two riding one each side of the track. This design eliminates friction on all three sides of the bottom track, for a smooth operation. Due to the fact that power operators are not required, you eliminate the problems associated with power failures. 

Bi-fold doors and power operated sliding doors require the extra expense of electrical wiring needed for their power operators. Another savings on your overall project when using the Stack Door.

Designing the building to accept the Stack Door will hold down the overall building height. 

The framed opening height is the clear opening height. That translated into another savings on the overall building cost. 

Bi-fold doors, open to the top of the building consuming a minimum of 2' overhead space, even on the smallest of openings.

Stack Door folds to the left and right side of the framed opening, and a straight 90 degrees from the face of the building, out of the way. This design allows for a partial opening, you can open on half of the door, just two panels, or the entire door for your convenience. 

Some sliding doors are top hung, some carry the weight on the bottom track. All present design problems of the out riggers, or limit your design on the placement of windows and or personnel doors. 

Helping you save on the installation of the door system, the Stack Door is shipped assembled and skinned. The exterior of the door is skinned with an 8oz. Solar Gray, Kaiser Twin Ribbed Fiberglass. The fiberglass skin floods the inside of the building with light, skin has a 40% transparency. this insures an additional labor savings, by eliminating the need for your crews to skin the door at the job site.

If you would like to put the design features of the Stack Doors, bottom weighted door, manually operated, lower building height, partial openings, shipped assembled and skinned, and all that natural light, specify the Stack Door on your next building project.

Note: All Doors 16' high, and some 12' and 14' high doors REQUIRE A MINIMUM 10" HEADER, 12 GAUGE, to allow for more building deflection.

This larger upper guide channel has 4" x 4" legs and 4" x 2 7/8" legs. Standard upper guide channel has 2" x 2" legs and 2" x 2 3/4" legs.

Standard Stack Door is designed for a 25# wind load, 30#, 35#, and 40# wind loads are also available depending on size of door.
Call for pricing.

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