Standard price for a new Truck Assembly is $150.36 ea., plus freight.

Rebuild Program price for a new Truck Assembly is $127.81 ea., plus freight.

Your Truck Assembly, Rebuilt is $60.00, plus freight. 

The number of new truck assemblies purchased will be the number of trucks you send us to rebuild. 

As you receive the rebuilt trucks, you will take off the old ones and replace with the new trucks. You will continue this rotation process until all trucks have been replaced. You will end up with the same amount of trucks you purchased on hand after all trucks on door have been replaced. 

Keep in mind the weight of your door is on the bottom track. Check your track for any burrs or defects that you may have. This affects the wear and tear on your trucks and the operation of your door. 

Also check the condition of your bottom neoprene seals, that helps keep debris out when door is shut. 

Please call 800-835-2051 with any questions or for further explanation. 

19 Year Old Trucks to be Rebuilt

Those same Trucks, rebuilt and shipped out next business day

Parts included in rebuild:






Roll Pin


Roll Pin holds axle to Truck Assembly

**small parts cost to rebuild truck yourself is $77.17, plus shipping