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"Horton Doors Everything They are Stacked up to be." 
- J. Kernan -

"This has to be one of the most efficient, and neatest crating jobs I've ever seen, everything is banded up on the big pallet with spacer blocks. The door sections are pinned together at their hinges. The doors are already skinned with the smoke grey translucent acrylic fiberglass sheeting."

"The door is working great and we love it." 
- Don Crum -

The door track is set inside the doors thus out of the weather, eliminating many of the problems with them, and the ball bearing rollers on the doors make pushing them a breeze." 
- Charles Hanna - 

"Many Thanks for all your help, I have been enjoying my Stack Door." 
- Jim Kniese -

"The doors take absolutely zero space when open. The building columns intrude more than the doors. They are easy and safe for all to operate. The amount of light that comes in when they are closed is wonderful. Thanks for a Great Product." 
- Dave Abbott -

"I am very pleased with your door, and have Received many compliments. Thank you for a perfect addition to a great hangar."
- Joe Gagliardi -

"It's a great door, if I should ever build another hanger I'll call you." 
- Cecil Cook -

"I am well satisfied with the door. I think installation was easier than a bifold would have been, and the instructions were good. I especially like the sturdy hand grips designed in the door for latching, so people won't be pulling on the latch handles." 
- Robert Beckman -

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