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The Stack Door installs on virtually any type of building, saving money and space. From Alaska to Florida, Stack Doors have been specified for aircraft hangars, tee hangers, industrial and agricultural buildings...even floating barges.  The door parts in the middle and slides to each side, stacking like an accordion.


The Stack Door is NOT installed within the framed opening. It mounts on the outside of the building. The Upper Guide Channel and Mounting Brackets attach to the flat header, as do the end hinges on the flat side jams. Unlike vertical lift doors that store overhead, the framed opening height for the Stack Door is also the clear opening height. This unique feature can save 2' or more in overall building height. Most installations are completed in one day. 


No motors are required; anyone can open this door with ease. Simply turn the handles located on every other panel, pull gently, and the Stack Door slides on it bottom track to stack neatly out of the way. The stacking design allows for a complete or partial opening, eliminating the need for side entrance doors.


Designed and tested for a twenty-five pound wind load, in actual use the Stack Door has withstood: 

Hurricane Alicia; Texas, 1982

110 MPH winds; Russell, KS, 1983

Tornado; Wellington, KS, 1980

The Stack Door must be closed during high wind conditions. We have never had a door blow in while closed.

Weather Resistance

The Stack Door is not affected by adverse winter weather conditions. Our patented design puts the working mechanism inside, away form ice and snow. The bottom track sits 1/4" inside the framed opening. Neoprene Seals also protect the truck assembly from snow and ice.


The Horton Stack Door opens to the left and right of the framed opening for maximum versatility. When in the stacked position, door panels extend 90 degrees from the face of the building, requiring only 5" for every 2 panels.


The Horton Stack Door has a one year warranty on parts and workmanship. The manufacturer's warranty on the fiberglass skin is a ten year limited warranty.

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