Frequently Asked Questions About the Horton STOL Kit

What is included in the Horton STOL kit?

See Horton STOL Bill of Materials

What is the average installation time?

The average installation time for a Horton STOL Kit is 35-40 hours plus painting time.
The average installation time for the Horton Flap and Aileron Gap Seals is 8.5 hours, plus painting.

Is there an installer in my area?

If you would like to know if there is an Installer in your area, you can call the 1-800 number or e-mail us and we will be glad to tell you the installers located in your area.

Are the parts STC'd and PMA approved?

Only STC'd and certified materials and quality parts are used in the Horton STOL Conversions. The FAA has issued a Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) to Horton STOL-Craft for the production of our STOL Conversions.

How should I fly my aircraft after a STOL Kit is installed?

An aircraft with a Horton STOL conversion installed may be operated in the same manner as called out in the aircraft handbook provided by Cessna/Piper. To obtain maximum performance from an aircraft equipped with a Horton STOL conversion, it is suggested that each pilot familiarize himself or herself with the aircraft at a safe altitude to assure them of the stability at slower airspeeds than called out in the standard Cessna handbook. Because of pilot proficiency and condition variations of each aircraft, STOL performance will vary with each aircraft.

What kind of performance changes can I expect?

While we have brochures which were published with ideal test results and converted to standard conditions, we find there can be a test difference of over 10% in the same model, same year of aircraft, in various categories. The different efficiencies in engine and propeller performance, aircraft rigging, and pilot capability adds to the complexity of the comparisons.

On an average you can expect to get a 4-7 knot reduction in stall speeds. Flying at these lower stall speeds you can reduce the take-off and landing distances by 10%.

Can I purchase replacement wing tips now and later on purchase the rest of the kit?

Horton's replacement wingtips are not interchangeable with the Horton STOL conversion, if at a later date you decide to install the STOL kit. Replacement wingtips fit to the existing Cessna leading edge cuff. Wingtips used in the STOL kit extend out to fit the new modified leading edge.

What additional charges could I encounter when installing a STOL kit?

Some of the additional charges you may encounter when installing a STOL kit are:

- Labor and material required for painting.
- If weight and balance on the aircraft is not current, you may want to weight the aircraft.
- Models that require a wingtip exchange, may or may not have to have the navigation and or strobe light retainers changed to conform to the new fiberglass wingtip.
- Retainers changed to conform to the new fiberglass wingtip.

What do I do if there is no log book entry or 337 form?

To obtain 337 forms filed for your aircraft please contact the FAA.

Can I install a Horton STOL kit, but keep my original wing tips?

Horton STOL conversion STC requires the use of a drooped wing tips, but they do not have to be Horton wingtips. Horton's does provides the fiberglass drooped wingtips with the modification that extends out to conform to the new leading edge cuff to eliminate any drop off between the leading edge cuff and wingtip.