All of the replacement wingtips will fit the existing manufacturer standard leading edge.

A lot of research and myth has surrounded the discussion of wingtips for year. Most of this information and exaggerated claims from manufactures and customers alike can be attributed to misinterpreted information from technical observers, and wishful thinking of the owners.

Many a pilot has bought replacement wingtips looking for the magical cure, for better performance at a bargain basement price. You can read the ads of various manufacturers of increased cruise speeds, climb, stability, reduced takeoff roll, lower stall speed, etcetera.

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We are STC'd and PMA approved by the FAA for replacement fiberglass wingtips for the following Cessna aircraft.

150, 150A THRU 150M
170A & 170B
172, 172A THRU 172L
175, 175A THRU 175C, P175D
R172E THRU R172J 
180, 180A THRU 180N
182, 182A THRU 182N
185, 185A THRU 185E, A185E
206, U206, U206A THRU U206E
P206A THRU P206E
207, T207, 207A, T207A
210, 210A THRU 210F


Horton's replacement fiberglass wingtips are designed around a tear dropped navigation and/or strobe light retainers. Your present set up may or may not have these retainers. They will be required to match up to wingtips.

Horton's Claim 
The Horton replacement wingtips are not a magical cure but are a quality tip with the appearance of the late model aircraft, at an affordable price.


Design & Price
The Cessna replacement tips have an approximate 3 1/2" droop very similar to the late model Cessna 210 tips.

Replacement wingtips are the same design as the Horton STOL-Craft conversion tips, except the tips are designed to fit Cessna's leading edge. Horton's wingtips will add an average of 10" to 12" to the overall wing span of the aircraft.



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