"I purchased a Horton STOL Kit for my Cessna 172L series in April of 1983. I am so pleased with what it did for my airplane, that I had to write this letter and thank Horton STOL Craft for having such a kit available. It was the least expensive, compared to all the other ones I inquired about and its definitely performs far better than I expected. Again, thank you for such a fine safety and performance kit."
- Art McCoy -

"I had repair work done on my Cesnsa 170A wings, and at the same time had one of your kits installed. I have been very pleased...they are just what the 170 needed! Performance is better, landings are more stable, stall speed is less."
- Barney Bryan -

"Bought the STOL kit this past year for my 1957 C-182 and am super happy with it. My grass strip is short, bumpy, uphill most days and ends abruptly over the Pacific Ocean. The STOL really makes a huge difference. Thanks."
- Mark Harris -

"A short letter to say how impressed I am with your STOL kit performance. We installed the kit on my Cessna 182 during the two weekends finding the drawings clear and straight forward. I would recommend this change to anyone interested in the added safety achieved when it is flown by the normal book numbers."
- Keith Arnold -

"Having flown my 1968 Piper Arrow for the last year and a half with your STOL kit installed, I must say that it is everything you said it would be and more. The extra margin of safety over the stock Cherokee is remarkable. I have flown this 180 HP airplane in high winds, off of four inches of snow, and in and out of short strips with excellent results. Always, I have felt it was your kit that made the difference."
- David O'Brien -

"I now have over 35 hours on my 1962 Skyhawk with your STOL kit and Flap Gap Seal Kit installed and I love it! I have flown from Tulsa to Colorado a couple of times, my cruise speed is the same or maybe 1-2 mph faster now. Your kits made a new and different airplane out of a Cessna! Thank you for an excellent product.
- Harper -