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Click to read an article by Aviation Consumer Magazine or download a PDF version here.

I would like to congratulate you and your company for what seems to be a very efficient speed kit for the Cessna 182.

During my recent visit to your facility, I was very impressed with the thorough research being conducted.  When your pilot suggested that he fly the company's modified C-182 FG along side of my C-182 RG, I chuckled to myself thinking that I would certainly run away from him and that I would have to significantly reduce power in order to maintain formation.

However, to my surprise, on takeoff (formation) he had quite a bit faster forward speed as well as climb rate.  Even with my gear retracted, he was out-climbing and out-running me.  In cruise configuration at 3000 ft. MSL, our speeds were so close that I was very impressed.

So many times, manufacturers will boast of fantastic results with their modifications, but actual performance is altogether another subject.  Your speed kit is obviously one that really does perform as you say, and we are very impressed.


Weaver Aero International, Inc.
- Carl Weaver -

I expected to get 60% of the claimed speed increase!  To my Delight I got the full 20mph claimed.  Now my 1971 Skylane cruised right at the yellow line, the fastest Skylane on the field, only slower than a S Model Bonanza.
- M W Dennis -

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